A Cottage-Style Entry Garden


To give the house, a strong contemporary design informed by the New England vernacular, a more comfortable and welcoming setting. In this projoct it was important to re-define the entry area and create a sense of intimacy while directing the eye and guests to the front door. The garden should also have a long succession of bloom and be something that could be maintained by the owner, with occaisonal help. The garden also needed to create a pleasing and intimate contrast with the spectacular yet sometimes overwhelming views.

Design Description:

With its newly laid field stone path and perennial borders either side, the entry is clearly defined and directs the eye and guests comfortably towards the front door. White birch trees and deciduous flowering shrubs provide height and help shape the space. The deciduous shrubs also soften the house's hard edges and help the house fit more comfortabiy into the surrounding landscape. A succession of spring bulbs and easy-care perennials and groundcovers provide bloom from May through August. The owners can now to enjoy the spectacular views while sittiing within the intimacy of their old fashioned flower garden.