A Garden in the Maine Woods


To carve a garden through rough woodland areas immediately surrounding a large, lakeside Adirondack-style log cabin. The owners wanted, "Something rustic yet sophsticated." It was also important to screen cars but have easy access to the front kitchen door. In residence from early June thru August, the owners wanted an informal garden featuring easy- care flowering perennials and varieties of native shrubs and groundcovers.

Design Description:

At the end of a long winding dirt road, this colorful garden comes as a wonderful and total surprise. The clearly defined garden spaces seem a natural part of the Maine woods yet appear open and spacious. The result is a dramatic and pleasing contrast with the dark, evergreens of the surrounding woodland. Low walls and paths of native stone harmonize with the materials of the house. The plantings of flowering perennials, selected for their long seasons of bloom and or bold foliage, combined with native dogwoods, viburnums and groundcovers combine to give the garden its charming, rustic character.