Design and Consulting

     An important part of my job as a designer is to listen to my clients, hear what they have to say, and help them articulate their needs and ideas. A beautiful garden or landscape is a living, growing entity that requires time to evolve and mature. With this in mind, I like to develop an ongoing relationship with my clients.

     One of the delights of a garden is that it is constantly changing from season to season and from year to year. The gardens I design often feature plantings of spring bulbs and flowering perennials for a colorful succession of bloom. A framework of trees and shrubs helps define and shape the garden's spaces - creating rooms, framing views, and staging dramatic transitions from one area to the next. The result is a landscape that feels comfortable, looks beautiful and is a delight to come home to.


Design Process and Installation   •   Margaret Hensel - A brief Professional Background


•  A Contemporary Berkshire Garden 

•  A Cottage-Style Entry Garden  • 
•  A Garden in the Maine Woods  • 





Margaret Hensel:  Brief Professional Background

    After studying landscape design at Radcliffe College, I embarked on several years of independent research, photographing historic and private gardens in the United States, Europe and Japan. During this time, I worked closely with the Christian Science Moniter photographing and writing about gardens in various parts of the world.

    A contributor to Horticulture Magazine since 1978, I was also the design columnist for the American Horticulturist , the journal of the American Horticultural Society, for five years.

    In 1982, I began practicing landscape design. During the last eighteen years, I have designed residential landscapes and provided consulting advise throughout New England and along the East Coast. My landscape design and consulting practice is based in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.