Slide Lectures


Slide Lectures  

    During the past ten years, I have lectured on gardens and garden design throughout the United States and in England. I have conducted garden and design workshops at various venues including Longwood Gardens, the Berkshire Botanical Garden and my own gardens in the Berkshires in Richmond, Massachusetts. I have also spoken at garden clubs throughout New England and conducted Cottage Garden Workshops at my own gardens. In the summer of 2,000, I will host an informational tour of my garden, as part of the adventurous Gardener Series in conjunction with Horticulture Magazine.

  Lecture Topics

Some of the places where I have spoken include the following:

United States

  • Amold Arboretum associated with Harvard University
  • Chautauqua Institute
  • Horticultural Society of New York
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Northwest Horticultural Society
  • Philadelphia Flower Show
  • Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College
  • Tower Hill Botanic Garden
  • White Flower Farm


  • English Cottage Garden Society
  • Museum of Garden History, London